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Colorado Springs Landscape & Lawn Care Services

Bugle Lawn & Landscape keeps your lawn looking great year-round! We offer all aspects of lawn care for both residential and commercial properties.

We offer the following services:

  • Mowing:

    Weekly cutting and trimming of the lawn and blowing off all hard surfaces.

  • Power Edging:

    Mechanical cutting between concrete and turf areas.

  • Fall & Spring Clean-ups:

    Debris is blown out from rock beds and under bushes and hauled off.

  • Fertilization:

    A significant part of ensuring your lawn is healthy and looks its best is achieved through proper fertilization. We create a program to best fit each individual’s conditions.

  • Aeration:

    A plug aerator is used to reduce soil compaction which allows moisture and fertilizer to penetrate the soil. Aeration also aids root growth and strength and improves oxygen content.

  • Dethatching/Power Raking:

    Removal of thatch and debris from your turf areas improves fertilizer and water penetration, which encourages deeper root growth.

  • Irrigation:

    In addition to spring start-ups and fall winterizations, we can handle all of your irrigation needs…from designing, to installation, to repair, to maintaining…no matter the brand or manufacturer. We stay current on the latest technology to ensure your system is as efficient as possible.

  • Gutter Cleaning:

    Removal of debris from gutters.

  • Mulch Installation:

    Prepping new or existing beds and then installing one of several varieties of highly recommended mulches to help soil retain vital moisture.

  • Over-Seeding:

    We can do anything from seeding a small area to complete lawn restoration. Over-seeding is often overlooked when it comes to regular upkeep, but it’s definitely a good routine to add to your regular maintenance efforts.

  • Shrub and Hedge Trimming:

    To preserve the shape and size of plants, we remove dead limbs and cut the plants back so they look as meticulous and maintained as the rest of your yard.

  • Snow Removal—Residential:

    Includes clearing of snow from drives and primary walkways. Ice melt application and clearing of other areas are also available.

  • Snow Removal—Commercial:

    You can count on us for prompt, reliable, and cost-effective snow removal. We have professional crews and the necessary equipment to clear your parking lots and sidewalks quickly and efficiently any time of the night or day. Our dedicated team is on-call whenever snow is in the forecast or when it launches a surprise attack. In addition to plowing your parking lots, shoveling your sidewalks, and applying ice melt, we offer the option of applying Ice Slicer to melt ice rapidly and provide traction while continuing to melt snow and ice. Because slicer dissolves while melting ice and snow, there is no damage to surfaces as there is with sand and salt. We can tailor our response to your requirements—wait for communication from you, to plowing when there is your requested amount of accumulation.